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Almost any refusal made by immigration authorities can be appealed. Refusals by immigration authorities can be appealed either to the Federal Court of Canada or to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. However, you may also be faced with a hearing in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board. There are different types of hearings including admissibility hearings, detention review hearings, and refugee hearings. You may also be subject to an interview with an Immigration officer for various reasons. Usually the purpose of an interview is to give you a chance to respond to any questions or concerns that the immigration authorities may have.

These interviews can be quite complex and are often crucial to the applicant’s case. An appeal or refusal can be even more complex. At Melekhovets Law, we will guide you through this process and provide timely and effective strategies to meet your legal needs. If you are faced with a refusal, a denial, or a negative decision made by immigration authorities, or if you are faced with a hearing or interview, contact Melekhovets Law to book your consultation.


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